Match Made In Heaven: Stand Out Truck and Digiarks

Harness the power of mobile digital outdoor advertising and IP Targeted Display

We always keep our core principals in mind - giving clients all of our energy while having integrity and transparency. That extends to the businesses that we partner with and recommend to our clients. Finding those partners that we feel uphold our values can be tough. That's why we are so excited to announce our partnership with Stand Out Truck, led by Mychal Connolly, Sr.

Myke is an outstanding entrepreneur who has gotten ahead by being a leader in the community and keeping his client's best interests front and center. Stand Out Truck is a mobile advertising platform offering services in Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Stand Out Truck's mobile digital billboards offer a unique branding opportunity that goes way beyond the reach and messaging abilities of a traditional billboard.

We already know that advertising with Stand Out Truck is an effective means to build awareness of your business in the geographical area that is right for you. By teaming up with Stand Out Truck we are able to offer favorable package pricing to our mutual clients and the ability to take geo-targeted advertising to the next level.

Through the power of IP Targeting, we can target households and businesses that will match the routes Stand Out Truck takes to advertise your business. The newest generation of IP Targeting technology no longer relies on soon to be outdated and ineffective cookie based targeting to find the right users. Instead we are able to match up an IP address to a physical address and then use publicly available data to filter to the right households for your business.

We are also incredibly thankful that Myke featured Digiarks with a brief article on his social pages and in the Stand Out Businesses section of his website. Take a look!

To find out more about this partnership and if Mobile outdoor advertising and IP Targeted display is right for you, contact us today!

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