Video & Written Content Creation

Tell your story and help yourself be found online. Content is the heart of search engine optimization and also helps you stand out amongst the crowd. Our professional writers and producers will help you develop your message and deliver content to you in the medium that makes sense.

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High Quality Video Production and Written Content

The creation of unique and engaging content is important for helping people find you (SEO) and for engaging those prospects once they do find you. High quality written and video content will help you stand out and help make a better first impression.

The starting place is a content strategy. Digiarks will work with you to create a custom strategy for content - whether ongoing or for a specific campaign. Within that campaign could include a mixture of video, infographic, or written articles or blogs.

Once that content strategy is completed, we can carry out that plan using our professional writers and producers. Each content element will come with an topical interview to ensure we are capturing your voice and personality within your content.

Finally, upon completion we can work with you to publish your video across as many channels as possible, whether that is on your website, social media networks, or YouTube.

Written Content

Even though video is more important than ever in our multimedia environment, written content is still core to a good website and content strategy. While some marketing firms will focus on cheap, short, content, we will work with you to produce content that is engaging, consumable, and long enough to help you be found.

Did you know that HubSpot found that the average read time of blog content was 7 minutes before drop off? That means that at 300 words per minute, you could have 2100 words of engaging content before people will exit due to length. While every piece doesn't need to be that long, others may need to be longer to complete your topic.

Our writers will get to know the personality of your business and write in a style that will be reflective of who you are as a business and be most engaging for your customers and prospects.

Montage Example Courtesy of Mainville Construction & Remodeling

Video Production & Montage Video

You can work with Digiarks to have video live shot and on location or we can create montage video.  Montage is a popular and affordable option to create video content that contains your selection of voiceover scripting, music, images, and provided or stock video.  The result is videos of any length (typically 15, 30, or 60 seconds) that are engaging and professional.

For those instances where new live action video is required, we have full production capabilities.


Infographics are another effective means for quickly relaying information in a consumable format.  These are especially effective when building out an additional form of media for a content strategy that includes social distribution.

search Search Engine Optimization

Is your digital presence organically attracting the right people to your website? SEO is about more than keyword rankings - it is about making sure your digital presence is helping you to be there to answer the questions potential customers are asking.

text_format Content Creation

Your messaging is the heartbeat of your marketing. We'll work with you to develop and deliver the right messaging through written content, video production or graphic design.

send Paid Media Management

Making a quality investment in paid media is about developing a campaign that selects the right platform targeting the right message to the right audiences. We strategize to find media solutions that work for your goals and provide the analytics to evaluate success.

insights Digital Analytics

Whether you need to audit your existing analytics or create a suite of analytics to assist in your marketing decision making, Digiarks is the right partner for you.

code Development

Digiarks has vast experience developing websites and creating goal oriented landing pages. We can also integrate systems - from Customer Relationship management to marketing automation.

palette Creative Services

From video production to ad copy & design to print and digital collateral material, we can help you visually connect with your audience for any purpose.