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Paid media campaigns are a great option to spread your message quickly and directly. We work with you to establish a message, a target audience, and distribution strategy. We work in virtually every digital platform including Google Ads (Text ads, display, and YouTube), Facebook, LinkedIn, OTT, and IP Targeted Display.

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Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Display and Video Advertising

Making an investment in paid digital media is about getting the right message in front of the right people and have it be often enough that the message sticks.

Any good campaign should also have established Key Performance Indicators that are optimized for during the campaign, and reviewed when it is completed.

Paid Media is not the right choice for every situation and every business. If your message is not going to be seen often enough within your target audience to have an impact, then that investment is likely wasted. Digiarks will work with you to assess the impact any potential investment will have, and we are not afraid to tell you to keep your money and invest elsewhere.

Below is a sampling of some of the distribution channels we work with. None of these are "silver bullets" and the best strategies employ multiple ad formats and distribution channels.

Search Engine Marketing (Google and Bing Text Ads)

Whether your immediate objective is new customers or you are looking to engage with people that are more likely to be in the market for your product or service, then Search Engine Marketing (SEM) might be right for you.

Before we get started, we will assess a few things. First is an analysis of keyword costs and the overall size of the search market in your geography to determine if your desired budget will achieve a reasonable impression share and if the clicks created by your campaign will be profitable. Next is an assessment of your landing page/website environment to ensure your clicks have a good chance of converting into phone calls or leads (if leads, rather than education, are your objective).

Once we determine that you are set up well for an SEM campaign in your geography, we dive into the creation of your campaign, which involves everything from setting up the hierarchy of your campaign to building quality ad copy. Ad Copy is always customized to your business and situation and never "canned". We will also test new ad copy over time as an optimization strategy.

Like most things in marketing, the devil is in the details. There just happen to be more details to manage with Paid Search. We have the experience to do it right.

Our SEM Campaigns always include:

  • Landing Page and conversion optimization review
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Market Size Analysis with share-of-voice recommendation
  • KPI and goal optimization with Google Analytics/Google Ads account linking
  • ROI Analysis
  • Account set up with campaign hierarchy
  • Ad Copy Creation and/or optimization using all available extensions
  • Continuous daily optimization
  • Pre-Determined Meeting Schedule (usually weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great place for interaction. The right ads can capture people's attention and be engaging on platforms where people are more willing to engage.

Digiarks will work with you to create ads that are engaging utilizing all ad formats that are offered, whether that is video, carousel, stories, or others.  Social Media Marketing can be effective for all stages of the consideration funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion, with the biggest emphasis generally being awareness and consideration.

Social Networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, also offer the ability for you to target custom lists.  That means you can provide a customer (or prospect) list that can be used as part of, or as all of your targeting for your campaigns.  This one-to-one marketing allows for higher engagement rates because you (a) know these people are at least prospects for your business and (b) more likely to be aware of your business and willing to engage with your ads.

YouTube Video Advertising

Since advertising on YouTube is done within the Google Ads platform, you have all of the power of targeting users based on search, but you can also target based on the context of the video the user is watching.  Formats range from skippable to non-skippable, offering you the ability to ensure your message is seen or offer longer, more engaging videos to those that are interested in your content.

IP Targeted Display and Video

Targeting ads by IP address allows you to target households based on their local IP address.  You can select geographical areas you feel are a fit, or you can use your data to target specific households.

You have multiple delivery options: Standard display, Rich Media display, and 15 second video (pre-roll and in-banner video).

Over-The-Top Television (OTT)

With OTT (also known as Connected TV or CTV) advertising you can place your 15 or 30 second ads on streaming television services.  These networks function similarly to display networks so your ads could be picked up on services like Crackle, Hulu, imdb TV, and many other apps that are on connected TVs everywhere.

There is also the added benefit of more precise targeting, whether that is by geography, programming, or psychographic target.

search Search Engine Optimization

Is your digital presence organically attracting the right people to your website? SEO is about more than keyword rankings - it is about making sure your digital presence is helping you to be there to answer the questions potential customers are asking.

text_format Content Creation

Your messaging is the heartbeat of your marketing. We'll work with you to develop and deliver the right messaging through written content, video production or graphic design.

send Paid Media Management

Making a quality investment in paid media is about developing a campaign that selects the right platform targeting the right message to the right audiences. We strategize to find media solutions that work for your goals and provide the analytics to evaluate success.

insights Digital Analytics

Whether you need to audit your existing analytics or create a suite of analytics to assist in your marketing decision making, Digiarks is the right partner for you.

code Development

Digiarks has vast experience developing websites and creating goal oriented landing pages. We can also integrate systems - from Customer Relationship management to marketing automation.

palette Creative Services

From video production to ad copy & design to print and digital collateral material, we can help you visually connect with your audience for any purpose.

by Rob Madrid

Digiarks President Rob Madrid Named BusinessWest's 40 Under Forty

Digiarks Founder and President, Rob Madrid was recently named to the 2023 Business West 40 Under Forty class of honorees. For over twenty years, Rob has dedicated his career to growth and development in Western Massachusetts and is proud to be among this class of inspiring professionals who shape our community.